Artist's Statement /

Daily, an American generates almost 4.5 pounds of trash -- more than a ton annually.


Will all of our trash simply outlast us? Or will it overwhelm the environment and ultimately destroy us?


These are the questions artist Alex Perrine seeks to raise through his ongoing project Bodies of Waste, a series of sculptures created using discarded and found objects and based on the human figure. Alex most often finds his materials in the streets and alleys of his Denver neighborhood, which he then weaves, twists, ties, bends, and wraps together to create his works.  


Alex draws the inspiration for many of the figures in Bodies from Classical Antiquity. By evoking these elegant figures in forms made of trash, Alex creates a dichotomy between beauty and excessive waste. What objects do you recognize when you view one of these sculptures? What do they remind you of? 


The objects are thoughtfully placed, and at times intentionally humorous. A scrotum is made of a dog's chew toy; teeth are made from a saw blade. Wires and cables remind us of veins and arteries. Trash bags and pieces of rubber become fat and muscle. Food utensils and containers show us man's insatiable appetite. Portions of mirrors, shiny metal, and sunglasses reflect the viewer's image (and, perhaps, their culpability) back onto the sculpture. 


By showcasing objects people recognize from their daily lives, Alex’s sculptures become more personal, visually engaging, and thought-provoking. This body of work illustrates our dependency on the material world, and the harm done to the natural world -- and ultimately, to ourselves -- by the careless use and disposal of those materials.


Through his art, Alex seeks to educate the viewer about humanity’s effect on the natural world, and provoke discussion about trash, recycling, repurposing, and the impact we have on the environment. 


Exhibitions /


Conanicut Island Art Association in Jamestown Rhode Island, Painting, 1998


Portland Museum of Art in Portland Maine, self portrait, 1999


University of southern Maine Senior Art Show in Gorham Maine, Bodies of Waste, 2007


Rogues Gallery clothing store in Portland Maine, Bodies of Waste, 2008


Vertigo art gallery in Denver Colorado, Bodies of Waste (eight small figures), write up in Denver post, 2009

Frank Brockman gallery in Brunswick Maine, Bodies of Waste, 2012


The Hive Gallery, Kennebunkport Maine, Bodies of Waste, 2014


Beat Cafe in Tokyo Japan, photos of Bodies of Waste, 2019

Press /


"Alex Perrine. He creates colorful, cyborglike figures made of an astonishing array of discarded objects. This detritus is shaped into surprisingly accurate anatomical forms and tied together with errant strips of wire. These works manage to be playful yet carry multiple metaphorical implications."


- The Denver Post

- Website